We're redefining values.

The Social Healing Collective aspires to be a dynamic, multi-disciplinary lab, supporting the community to create groundbreaking arts projects, nonprofit organizations, and companies. Our aim is simple: to incubate the most urgent, emergent, and exciting work being done by a new generation of social healers to cultivate human goodness and restore our social fabric.

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Why join the Collective?

We’re seeking motivated, discerning, and creative young people. As part of the Collective, you'll be able to a number of things:

Bring major projects to life with the support of our expansive network of builders, technologists, thinkers, and dreamers.
Cultivate lasting relationships with leaders in the field and help shape this emergent landscape.
Contribute to building a national movement to define the agenda for social healing.

Creating & Collaborating

Members of the Collective will be given the tools, community support, and network of mentors needed to support them in their transformative projects: founding a nonprofit, creating a company or service, or launching a major creative endeavor, like a book or public art project. We can help you to do what seems impossible.

Building Community

Our goal is to introduce you to the brilliant peers who will be your collaborators and friends for life: the people who can complement your skill-sets in joint projects, inspire you to take your work to new heights, and bring you joy.

Learning & Listening

Events and gatherings will include amazing presenters, opportunities to talk with and learn from top thinkers, and activities designed in consultation with activists, professors, and other leaders.

Public Dialogue

We want the Collective to become a leading voice in fostering new cultural conversations around values, social healing, and community. Under the guidance of our Advisory Board, we'll develop plans to spread our ideas tactically to the right audiences and recruit journalists to profile Collective members and their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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